Spiritual Journey 1: The Basics

Class Descriptions:

The Basics of Salvation and Baptism
This class will discuss the fallen state of mankind and God’s plan to save the world from sin. Students will explore the misconceptions of salvation and discover God’s plan through Jesus Christ. The class will then study the purpose of water baptism and how it reflects the believer’s relationship with Christ.

What it Means to be Filled with the Holy Spirit
This is an introduction to the person of the Holy Spirit:  Who He is and what it means to be filled with His presence. The class will discuss the purpose of the Holy Spirit and His work in the lives of believers.

Why Must Believers Pray?
Students will learn the meaning of effective prayer and examine its part in deepening their relationship with God. This class will discuss the power of prayer and why communication with God is essential in living a victorious and abundant life.

What are Praise and Worship?
This class will examine the meaning of praise and its purpose. Students will discuss God’s response to praise and the power that is available through participation. The class will also explore the meaning of worship and how to acknowledge God and to demonstrate expressions of gratitude.

What is a disciple? Is every believer a disciple? Class discussion will explore the meaning of discipleship, its purpose and the characteristics of a disciple.

This class will examine scriptures that reveal every believer’s co-mission with Jesus Christ.  Students will discover the power of evangelism and God’s promises to those that share the good news of Jesus. Students will receive examples of witnessing techniques.

This class will examine the definition of fellowship within the Body of Christ. Discussion will explore the benefits of fellowship and how it demonstrates the love of God through the Church.

New Session will run concurrently on Sunday Mornings & Wednesday Evenings beginning September 6, 2017